Welcome to the Nicholson Center for British Studies, the University of Chicago’s hub for the interdisciplinary study of Britain–past, present, and future. Established in 2003, the Nicholson Center fosters the University’s remarkable strengths in this area of study.

Ranging across the history and culture of Britain from premodern times, we consider Britain in both local and global contexts. This includes Britain’s difficult history of colonialism, and its legacies throughout the world.

Histories of empire and of climate change, studies of the literature and culture of Britain from Medieval times to the present, print cultures of South Asia, the many impacts of Brexit on Britain and its neighbors: these are just some of the topics on which our Faculty Affiliates and our students work, producing some of the most influential and challenging work in the field today.


Spring Competition: Fellowships, Grants, and Prizes

The Nicholson Center is pleased to offer an array of fellowships, grants and initiatives for graduate and undergraduate students pursuing topics in British Studies. For the purposes of our funding competitions, British Studies includes the study of Britain’s colonies and the legacies of colonization.

Learn more about information on eligibility and the application process. If you have any questions or need help with your application, feel free to contact nicholsoncenter@uchicago.edu.

Application Deadline: April 18, 2024

Study Abroad with Democracy: London

London: Democracy Equality, Liberty, and the Dilemmas of Self-Government (Social Sciences Core)

London has an enormous trove of resources and activities for the study of democracy, from the holdings of the British Museum and British Library to the Prime Minister’s Questions to ancient Roman sites such as the Basilica and Forum. By taking the Democracy-themed Social Sciences Core Sequence in London, students will have the opportunity to experience democratic themes in a way that provides a through line from ancient times through the age of revolutions to today’s democratic challenges and promises.

Application Deadline: April 22, 2024

Sponsored Events

5/23: Lecture by Professor Frank Trentmann (UCL), 5pm CST, Franke Institute, Franke Institute-Regenstein Library (Rm 102), 110 East 57th St.

Events in British Studies


If you are interested in co-sponsorship for an event or research project in British Studies, (including British empire and legacies of empire), please contact nicholsoncenter@uchicago.edu.


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